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Candles can create beauty, ambiance, relaxation, and an overall sense of delight. The reason for this review is to explore, evaluate different types of candles, and explore their best features. There are three categories in which these candles fall under. The first is relaxation scented candles: confidence and freedom, verbena, and eucalyptus, unscented flameless, and angle whispers. The second is fruity scented candles: apple harvest and very berry. The third is holiday scented candles: chocolate fudge brownie, spicy pumpkin, fine merlot, and mulled cider.

The apple harvest candle by Legacy is made from all-natural beeswax and has a burn time of about 100 hours. This candle smells exactly like the first bite from a fresh green apple. This candle company has a huge variety of candle scents and the apple harvest is one of the best they offer. It is a great candle for someone that wants to brighten up their home without an over-powering scent.

The chocolate fudge brownie scented candle by Shorties Candle Company has a delicious strong scent. It comes in a lovely tall jar that resembles a cup of coffee. It is made of paraffin wax and the burn time is about 100 hours. This candle burns very clean and leaves the jar tidy. These candles would be great for a day with the ladies cooking in the kitchen and sipping on some wine. This would be an ideal candle for somebody that loves to bake.

The very berry scented candle by Our Own Candle Company is a fun candle that smells like fruity lip balm. It has about 100 hours of burn time and is made of blended soy and paraffin wax. When this candle burns, it creates a combined fruity smell that is fantastic. This is a cute and colorful candle with a layered scent of strawberry, grape, and raspberry. This would be a perfect candle for teenage girls.

The verbena and eucalyptus scented candle by Paddywax come in an old-style elixir bottle. The burn time of this candle is about 60 hours and is created with all natural fragrances. The scent of this candle is very earthy and is strong enough to remove small household odors. This is a lightly scented spa inspired treasure. It would be a great treat for a grandmother or somebody that loves vintage collectibles.

The mulled cider scented candle by Village is made of paraffin wax and has a burn time of about 70 hours. This candle is a beautiful deep red color and smells like freshly made cider. It has a very sturdy jar and the lid puts the flame out immediately and does not let smoke out. It would be ideal for somebody that is a big fan of Christmas.

The confidence and freedom scented candle by Chesapeake Bay is an alluring large candle in a frosted jar. It creates a soft illumination. This candle has a decent burn time of 70 hours. It is made from a natural soy wax blend and essential oils. This candle will make you feel as if you are walking into a spa for a massage. This candle would be ideal for a person who prefers naturalistic products and enjoys light scented candles.

The fine merlot scented candle by Colonial is a fine and sophisticated treat. It has about 95 hours of burn time and is made of proprietary wax blends. This candle creates a fine fragrance that is clean and not overpowering. This would be a great candle when entertaining people who love wine and unique items. This Candle would be ideal for a person who is a wine enthusiast.

The angel whisperers scented candle by Glade has a light and whimsical scent and will not overwhelm your house with strong fragrances. It is a light pink color and has about 28 hours of burn time. This candle burns clean so that the glass jar can be used for a loose votive candle. This would be an ideal candle for someone who likes to change their candle scents frequently.

In closing, this review has covered many different genres of candles. The best overall candle is the confidence and freedom scented candle by Chesapeake Bay. This beautiful candle embodies all the elements in which a fine candle should possess. This candle comes in a beautiful jar, creates soft illumination, has a decent burn time, and the scent is light and inviting. The pick for relaxation candle is the confidence and freedom candle as well. The best pick for a fruity candle is the very berry scented candle because it has three different scents in one candle. The best pick for a holiday candle is the chocolate fudge because it creates a true sense of freshly baked decadent desserts.



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