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Tips for Parents on Telling Your Kids You Have to Travel for Work

Sometimes seeing something through the looking glass will only give you a limited perspective of what is going on. There are many parents who have to travel for work. Some kids tend to dig it because they get to go along. Some find it a downside for the very same reason.

Look at Madonna. When she tours she takes her kids with her wherever she is performing. On the outside, this looks appealing. Her kids may tell you differently. Madonna loves what she does, but she is working. Madonna’s kids may be visiting some of the most exotic locations in the world. On the outside, this may seem appealing to be staying in the best hotels. On the inside, it is a different story. Madonna is a working mom, just like the rest of us.

How many of you are in the same position? Are you traveling for work at a moment’s notice?

You may not have the luxury of taking your kids with you. You may have to leave them behind for a certain period of time. Here are some tips to help you make it less painful for them and you.

Time and Place

Do your kids get overly anxious about this sort of thing? Pick a business trip that will have you away for a short period of time. This way your kids will not be so anxious about it. You should also pick how you tell them. Some kids tend to have greater tempers than others.

Stick to the Routines

This will keep them from feeling so anxious. Give them a routine. This lets them know that nothing has changed. Your kids will find a comfort in this. You should also give out details on your trip. Let them know how you will contact them. Let them know when. This way they will have something to look forward to.

Reminders from the Absent Parent

This is another comfort zone for them. Say the mommy will be gone for a week or so. Leave notes from mommy hanging around the house. This way their presence will still be there.
You can leave the notes before you go. You can have daddy do it for you. It does not matter how it is done, as long as the notes are there.

Do not Make it Tough on the Child

Some parents create long goodbyes. Some do the goodbye through guilt. This is not going to help matters. Kiss and hug your child and tell them something from the heart. Leave after this. Making it harder for the child will only create issues later on down the road.

Do Not Become Obsessive

This is hard for some parents. It will also create frustrations between you and your partner. You have to let go. Check in, but not every 5 seconds. Do not nag them over what they are or are not doing. This is going to make harder for your child to accept your absence. When you are too focus on your child during this time, you are not focused on the job at hand. You need to create a balance.

Always return with love, no matter how tired you are.

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