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7 Need To Know Curly Techniques

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John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush Hair Styler

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Who doesn’t long for luxurious, thick, just stepped from the salon looking hair? Hair that is healthy, full, and shiny and reflects a radiance that glows from the inside out. I know that I desire hair that looks gorgeous no matter the occasion which is why I find the John Frieda Hot Air Brush an essential tool in my beauty routine.

Feature 1: Advanced Technology

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush is 1.5 inches in diameter for full, round waves and curls. It uses the most up to date, advanced iconic technology in order to produce 50% more ions to help ensure hair not only looks great the whole day but is also more healthy and sustains less damage.

Feature 2: Temperature Settings

The hot air brush has two heat settings plus a cool setting that enables the user to find the perfect temperature for their hair type. The lower setting allows hair to be styled with little heat while the higher temperature ensures even the most difficult hair can look salon done in no time.

Feature 3: Structure and Air Flow

The brush also has a titanium ceramic coated barrel that disperses the heat more evenly for perfect waves and curls every time it is used. In addition, it has enhanced air control that keeps hair from burning or suffering heat damage such as was experienced in previous hair care tools.

Feature 4: Cord

Lastly, the John Frieda Hot Air Brush has a swivel cord that makes using the brush easy not matter what the angle. This allows the user to reach every strand of hair from the front to the back so that hair has a professional quality look to it from every side.


1. Air flow and temperature regulation. The John Frieda Hot Air Brush has two heat settings and one cool setting. This ensures that no matter if hair needs a lot of heat or just a little, it gets what it needs to look salon sleek. The air flow, which is assisted by the enhanced air control system helps to protect hair from heat damage and ensure an evenness to the heat throughout the tool.

2. Advanced ionic technology. This hot air brush has up to 50% more ions than comparable brushes, enabling hair to be styled without suffering the damage usually associated with heat brushes and curling irons. It also helps to control frizz which can be a problem for many people.

3. The barrel of the hot air brush is coated with titanium ceramic which enables heat to be distributed evenly throughout the barrel.


Can sometimes have trouble with very thick, wavy hair when hair is wet. This can be easily remedied, however, but towel drying most of the moisture from the hair and then using the hot air brush on the hair. A dab of John Frieda mousse can help to control any frizz that remains.

The John Frieda Brush is one of the best hot air brush out there to create salon looking hair at home. The hot air brush can style your hair and creat the look you have been dreaming about with minimum damage to hair or problems with overstyling.

Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener For Professional Salon Styling

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The Professional Flat Iron by Jolie Amour straightens curls, flips and waves hair into polished and shiny styles while eliminating frizz and causing no damage or dryness.

The HSI Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is a tool with a swivel cord for ease of handling as well as temperature controls designed to produce a shiny silky finish to dull and frizzy hair whether you want to achieve straight or curly styles.

The XTAVA Professional Flat Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic Plates is a tool designed with the health of hair in mind with features that seal in moisture, prevent damage to hair follicles and protect hair color. Its swivel cord that extends 9 feet and LED temperature control display make it easy to manage and operate as well.

Bebella’s Premium Pro Professional 1.25″ Onyx Plate Hair Straightener Flat Iron features a temperature control knob that heats up in a speedy thirty seconds or less. It can straighten, curl or wave hair, it protects and smoothes hair, all while giving body volume and shine to whatever style you want to achieve.

BERTA’s Professional Static Free Ceramic Straightener features 30 second heat up to a maximum 446F, so it gets hot quickly and has automatic shut off for safety. It’s memory feature can store the ideal temperature settings for your hair type, making it easier to achieve the desired result each time you use it.

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