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Drinking Water Filter Systems Reviews and Recommendations

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This article will be looking at the best features on all of these drinking water filter systems for home that are available. It is important to consider if these water filter systems have been certified before purchasing them. You want to find a water filter system that will give you the finest water possible. The water filter system should be free of all chemicals and should be vigorously tested. All of these water filter systems are available on Amazon.

This water filter system is one of the top selling products that is listed on Amazon. This system was built in the United States and has been tested to be proven that it’s safe. It removes all of the unneeded toxins in your water for the purest water that you can get. This is another very high quality water filter system. The system has also been certified by government companies in the United States.

This water filter system is one that you put on your counter. This water filter system never needs the filters replaced. This system is easy to install and will remove all of the unneeded toxins out of your water. This system can hold 10,000 gallons of water at once.

This is another water filter system that is one of the top selling on Amazon. This water filter system removes all of the unneeded toxins in your water for the cleanest water possible. This product was built in the United States and the company guarantees you a 1 year money-back guarantee if something goes wrong with the system.

This water filter system was made in the United States and has been tested and certified to guarantee the freshest water possible. This water filter system is very high quality and removes all of the unneeded toxins in your water. Their filters last twice as long as others on the market. The government has also tested all of the tools used to distill water to make sure that they are chemical free.

This pure water distiller is made out of all stainless steel. It’s very easy to operate and it’s a very high quality water filter system. This water filter system has an automatic power off function if the temperature of the system reaches over 160 degrees. This water filter system is very small and doesn’t take up much room at all.

Overall, most of these water filter systems are great to consider purchasing. Most of them have been certified by the government to ensure that they are safe and contain no chemicals in the tools that are used to distill the water. It is very important to read all of the features that these water distillersdrinking water filter systems provide on Amazon before you purchase to make sure that are finding something that you will be happy with. All of these water distillersdrinking water filter systems are high quality, but they each have various features that are different from the others.

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Sleep Better With the World’s Most Advanced Line of Sleep Sound Machines

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New Sleep Therapy with Sound + Sleep Machines

If you are suffering from restless sleep, try a new sleep therapy to get a healthier, good night rest that you deserve with a sound sleep machine. Adaptive Sound Technologies, Marpac, and LectroSound are scientific technology companies offering sound and sleep machines that will help sooth you to sleep for a more vibrant, relaxed life.

For example of sound and sleep machines made with high tech audio for quality, natural sounds:

First, for a half of century Marpac has been engineering sound machines using state-of-the-art technology to help people and their pets experience relaxation and sleep. The Marpac Dohm-DS Sound Machine, for instance, provides natural acoustic sound effects with easy accessible volume and tone control. And, helps soothes babies to sleep through the night.

Second, Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) with its headquarter’s in Silicon Valley, Calif., helps people relax and sleep with their high tech engineers and innovative technologies since 2008. ASTI uses quality adaptive audio and ambient noise in their sound and sleep machines to help people like you improve and live a better life. The sound and sleep machine, The Sleep Therapy System by Adaptive Sound Technologies is equipped with disruptive noise for a healthier, steady sleep.

You will be able to listen to the calmness of the ocean with The Sleep Therapy System by Adaptive Sound Technologies, even sounds of rain and thunder. All sounds are unique with different sound profiles so you can achieve the sleep you deserve.

LectroFan makes thier sleep and sound machines personalized for your very own sleeping habits and needs. With LectroFan sound and sleep machines you are in for a complete relaxation experience, and with non-repeating digital sounds without the loop! Don’t forget to take your LectroFan Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner by Marpac, equipped to promote sleep and rest for people like you always on the go. The Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner will fit into your overnight bag.

Furthermore, LectroFan White Noise Machine offers custom settings in case you need to cancel different noise situations. With this sound and sleep machine you will surely find your perfect setting to relax, renew, and sleep. What’s more, the LectroFan sleep therapy machine is equipped with not only 10 options of white noise, but also 10 sounds of fans for sound masking, along with a sleeper timer and various settings for your individualized enjoyment, relaxation and sleep.

With that being said, you definitely deserve a good night sleep with your sleep and sound machine. Research found that sleep deprivation is not good for your health because it slows down your reflexes and thinking skills similar to how alcohol effects people, says the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke (NINDS).

imagesTop Neck Traction Devices for Home Use

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imagesNeck pain is a serious matter, sometimes life changing; whether, the result of an injury or an on going chronic problem, neck pain cannot be ignored. There are many treatment options, and therapies available through a wide variety of practitioners. It is hard to know where to turn, many therapies are costly, often involving surgery and/or drugs. These options are can be scary, and often times they have side effects which may lead to other health challenges. One non-evasive, affordable therapy is to use a neck traction device. These tractions devices are air bladder collars worn around the neck. They are suprisingly comfortable, easy to use and provide pressure relief and muscle relaxation. Below are five of the best neck traction devices worth considering.

ChiSoft:ChiSoft has made a number of upgrades to it already high quality traction device; with upgraded velcro straps and air pumps, all designed to make the device more comfortable. The air bladders don’t leak. It is documented to relieve neck pain and endorsed by chiropractors and physical therapists.

Bonsai:This high end traction devices, provides exceptional support and comfort. The tubes are wrapped with soft flannel. The three tubes, and strong air pump allow for fine air pressure adjustments which hold it pressure without leakage.

TacCollar By BODYSPORT:The TracCollar is a high end tractions device. It consists of two separate air pumps, providing great versatility, and the ability to make fine adjustments to specific areas of the neck. Its unique strap system provide even greater flexibility for adjustments; making it a very comfortable traction device, which relieves pain and improves posture.

Goda:This is the most affordable device. It is comfortable, made from high quality material, and easy to use. If cost is an important factor, the Goda provides pain relief at an affordable price.

Universal Direct:This mid priced traction device, is a three tube collar, providing great comfort and support. Great for travel, as it compacts down to the size of a pair of socks when deflated. It is made from high quality material, and comes with money back guarantee.

These five neck traction devices offer a wide option in both function and pricing. All the devices are inflatable collars which are comfortable and easy to transport. They extend the neck vertebrae, which relieves pressure, and provide support allowing for muscle relaxation. Most importantly these devices are effective at providing neck pain relief.

Hangover Cures and Pain Relief Tips Guide

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Hangovers are caused by excessive alcohol intake. There have been various methods that have been purported to cure hangovers over the years. Some of the methods work, while others don’t. Common knowledge will however tell you that people who drink less, rarely get hangovers while people who don’t drink, never get hangovers at all. What we get from this is that the ultimate cure for a hangover, is to not get a hangover in the first place. Since there is a rare chance of that happening however, let’s go ahead and explore some of the widely used cures for hangovers.

What never works.

A very popular method is to drink the next morning. This never works in the long run, as it only delays the effects of the hangover, which will kick in when the drink eventually wears off. Drinking black coffee might help alleviate the headaches but will not solve the problem either. In fact, coffee is said to further aid in dehydrating the body since it works as a diuretic. Taking Tylenol before going to bed also makes no sense at all, since its effects are going to wear off before the hangover even kicks in.

Eating burned toast and fried or greasy foods will not cure your hangover either. Contrary to belief, the carbon on the burnt toast is not activated charcoal, which is said to treat some types of poisoning. Also, eating greasy and fried food can slow down the process of alcohol intake by acting as a coat on the stomach lining but eating them after drinking, will only irritate the stomach and the intestines.

What works.

Drinking water or sport drinks will cure dehydration along with all its related symptoms i.e. Headaches and feeling dizzy and lightheaded. Pain killer like aspirin and ibuprofen can also help. There are various foods which can also help to eliminate some of the symptoms. These include bananas which contain potassium and eggs which contain cysteine. If you don’t prefer solid food, drinking bouillon soup serves to replace some salts lost after drinking while drinking fruit juice and eating fruits helps to speed up the process of toxins removal by increasing energy and replenishing the body with nutrients.

All the methods mentioned above however, serve only to eliminate the symptoms. The only reliable cure for any sort of hangover therefore is time, as the body is said to heal itself within 8 to 24 hours.

How to Deep-Clean Your Carpet for Home Health

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Carpet for Home Health Obviously, the best way to clean carpet is to let someone else do it. However, a simple way to clean carpet that works and cost very little is to clean your carpet in layers.

How Dirt Accumulates In Your Carpet

Your carpet is made of twisted fibers or of fibers pushed into a fiber grill. The fibers at the top catch dust from the house that drops to the middle of the fibers and eventually settles into the base of the fibers and into the top of the grill that holds your carpets fibers. Beneath your carpets grill there is the padding that supports your carpet.

What Needs To Be Cleaned In Your Carpet

If you have pets in the house, your carpet can also get stained from your pets household accidents. Cleaning your carpet requires some basic understanding of the type of stains, their location and removing them without harming the fibers of your carpet. If you begin with a plan of removing dirt and stains in layers, you will have a better chance at getting a cleaner and unharmed carpet.

Step by Step Carpet Cleaning

The first step is to vacuum your carpet while totally dry. You should vacuum considerably longer than if you were doing your daily vacuuming. Allow the dust in the room that has become unsettled by the vacuuming to settle and vacuum again. Take a wet mop that has been saturated in a cleaning detergent and go over the carpet immediately afterwards. Rinse your mop and continue to mop your carpet and to rinse your mop. You will notice that your rinse water looks muddy. That is soil that you are removing from the middle of your carpet. Don’t overwork your carpet with the mop. If you notice a stain, spray it with a stain remover that can be a combination of white vinegar and water worked in with a soft cleaning cloth. You may not be able to get out all of the stains if your carpet is heavily soiled. Don’t try too hard as your efforts might harm your carpet.

Remember Not To Damage Your Carpet

In cleaning your carpet, the intent is to get it as clean as possible without damaging the fibers and requiring a new carpet. Your cleaning process can be repeated once you have finished whenever you like. When you have done wet mopping your carpet, let it dry completely. That is very important. You should not step on your newly cleansed carpet until it has dried thoroughly. Once your carpet is dry, vacuum again to get your carpets fibers looking clean as new.

Maternity Body Pillows Can Help You Sleep Well During Pregnancy

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Maternity Body PillowsWhen a woman is pregnant her body is working harder than ever. Every organ is doing twice the duty and she needs to rest well for this to happen. She needs rest and that rest needs to be the best that she can get so that her body can create new life. However, sometime in the second trimester sleeping in her normal position gets more and more difficult if not practically impossible. Those that sleep on their backs or stomachs are the most bothered by this but even sleeping on your side can be tough. The right body pillow can help greatly and will be one of the best investments made to relieve some of the discomfort of pregnancy.

1. Every pregnancy is different, even in the same mother. Take note of the problems or needs for your pregnancy and make that the focus when shopping. How the fetus is being carried in the uterus can make a difference in how a woman sleeps, sits and gets comfortable. Reflux and pregnancy rhinitis are issues to consider when looking for a pillow that will assist a good nights’ sleep.

2. Each pillow is shaped like a different letter, “O,” “U,” “C” and lowercase “l” in order to provide relief to different areas of the body. They also fit your body differently to provide support for the specific areas you may be having pain in. Some women need more back support for and others may need their head positioned a certain way to prevent reflux.

3. Always consult a doctor before making an adjustment that may affect the baby. Certain positions can harm the mother or the child and you will want to be aware of anything you may need to watch for. In particular is the issue of an artery that the fetus can rest on and harm the mother.

4. Be aware of the return policy for each pillow. It may look like it will invite sleep but very well could make you more uncomfortable than when you started. One of the worst things that you can do when pregnant is not get adequate rest, there is more than one person affected!

Take your time and choose a pregnancy pillow carefully. Don’t settle for the first one you see and if doesn’t target the problems that you are having, keep in mind that there are several types out there. One of them is bound to be the right fit for a great night of rest.

What Are the Causes of Extremely Oily Skin

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Oily Skin There is nothing more bothersome then oily skin. Oily skin can lead to blackheads and acne. Clear skin is an attractive and desirable quality. No one wants to look at a red blotchy face covered in grotesque pimples. If you are struggling with acne it is important to understand the underlying causes of oil production in your skin. Eliminating factors that lead to oily skin can help you get that clean clear skin that helps show off all of your great features.

Have you ever wondered why your skin gets oily? It would be easy to solve the issue if there was just one factor that you could change. There is not just one reason particular reason for oily skin. There are several factors that can contribute to this. The first thing to consider is your skin type. Your skin type can be genetic. Although this is something that you cannot change you can make sure that reduce the other factors that could be causing the oiliness of your skin.

Your hormones play a key factor in oil production. Elevated stress can also cause your skin to be oilier. When you are stressed out your body produces more androgen. To reduce stress you should make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress.

You should also minimize your sugar intake. Sugar can cause more breakouts. If you are heavily indulging in sodas and sugary snacks you are just aggravating your acne prone skin even worse and causing more breakouts. Make sure that you drink plenty of water daily. Water is great for your skin.

Trying to control the texture and moisture of your skin can also cause even more damage. The overuse of products could mess with the natural order of your skin. You should not wash your face more than twice daily. You should try different makeups to see which one works best for your skin. Heavily oil based makeups should not be used on oily skin. You should also remove your make up every night before you go to bed.

Seasonal changes also play a key factor in the texture and moisture production of your skin. When the seasons change so does the air. The changes in the air affect your face. You can protect your skin with the coordinating product for the season. Use sun block during the summer. Although tanning may seem to reduce oil, the reduction is short lived. Tanning can majorly damage your skin.

Your Guide to Buying the Best Waterproof Mattress Protector – Sleep in the Modern Family

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Waterproof Mattress ProtectorThe modern mattress is what makes modern sleep possible. It’s soft so that the body fits into it yet supportive to maintain posture while in a completely rested state. The only fly in the ointment is that the mattress could be a resting place for allergic substances and for mites or other tiny creatures that escape from your resting body or fall to the mattress from other sources.

Introduction to Modern Sleep Technology

Dust mites are an example. Dust mites may land on the mattress with hairy dust pet dander floating in the air. They are tiny ugly creatures related to spiders. They have so little weight that they can float on household breezes and land helter-skelter. Dust mites love the warmth of mattresses and feed on discarded skin cells. The excretions from dust mites cause allergic reactions in many people. People may react by night time itching, or respiratory congestion, sneezing or coughing.

The idea then is to find a product to sleep on that would protect the sleeper from the mattress. It should be a product that would not itself be a source of allergens. This product is the waterproof mattress protector. Waterproof mattress protectors provide a layer between the sleeper and the mattress through which no mite-born allergens or other irritants can pass. Yet it should be a cover that provides comfort and encourages healthy sleep. Several mattress protector products follow.

The Luna Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector and The Sleep Tite Malouf Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector afford a basic layer of protection. They are designed in a fitted sheet style which leaves the bottom of the mattress exposed. Although the fitted sheet design does not completely isolate the mattress, a lot of people like it because of ease of washing. Airflow technology allows air to pass through the fabric to the mattress but repels liquids. The cotton surface is a hyper-allergenic terry cloth that is soft and naturally absorbs moisture.

The SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector – Vinyl, PVC and Phthalate Free and the LinenSpa Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector add a membrane under the upper terry cloth layer to further insulate the sleeper from the mattress. They also use a fitted sheet design.

The Sleep Tite by Malouf Encase Mattress Protector with Six-Sided Zipper Encasement fully isolates the mattress by enclosing both top and bottom using a six zipper closure design. The panel can be removed for easy laundering. This protector would prevent bed-bugs from nesting in the mattress.

Mattress protectors are designed to isolate the sleeper from the mattress without reducing the comfort and posture supporting qualities of the mattress. Protection products vary as to the kind and level of protection provided.

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Real Comfort With The Leachco Back N Belly Chic Maternity Pillow

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Leachco Back N Belly Chic Maternity PillowBack and Belly Contour Maternity pillow

You have made it through the first six months, but now that “easy” pregnancy is becoming a challenge. Getting a good night sleep is difficult. Finding the right position to take an afternoon nap is just about out of the question. That little tummy has become a big tummy and with it back and hip pain. Comfort for your growing tummy, relief from that back and hip pain.


The Chic Back ‘N Belly full body pillow offers that comfort during maternity. Once you try this unique pillow (and that’s what it is a pillow) you will want one for yourself or a friend. For the expectant mother, it won’t make any difference which side she lays on, the pillow will be there to provide support to the lower back, balanced comfort for the neck, head and no added pressure to the shoulders.

The comfort curve design provides relief from joint pain as the Chic Back N’ Belly full body pillow gives alignment and elevation to the hips relieving strain in the joints. The concept is built on following the body’s natural contours. The curves found at the center of the Chic Back ‘N Belly is a clever design that makes a comfortable difference.

The contour design of the Back ‘N Belly makes it a custom fit for just about anyone who wants a good night sleep or a relaxing midday nap. The design allows for experimentation that allows you to find just the right fit and position.

Practical to Maintain

The Leachco Chic Back ‘N Belly maternity Pillow comes with three covers: Basic, Original, and Chic. The Basic covering design features a permanent pillow covering. The Original pillow features a removable sham cover, and the “Chic”-designed pillow has a removable zippered cover.

Designed by a family owned company

The Back ‘N Belly Chic contoured body pillow is a product of Leachco, a family-owned company that places emphasis on products for Mom or the expectant mother. Leachco products all start with the practical needs shared by expectant mothers, families with young children, and now the comfort needs of senior citizens.

Get Yours now

Comfort, pain relief, a great sleep, and a unique design, that’s why the Chic Back ‘N Belly contoured body pillow is simply a must-have item for the expectant mother. It doesn’t matter whether the expectant mom sleeps on her right side or her left, this full body supported pillow will provide complete comfort. The Back ‘N Belly Chic contoured body pillow is available now through Amazon.com.

Pregnancy body pillow keeps pregnant women happy and comfortable during pregnancy period and helps to avoid pregnancy complications like pregnancy back pain. If you’d you like more information, visit here!

Easy Ways to Save Your Skin This Winter

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Easy Ways to Save Your Skin This WinterTips to Beautiful Winter Skin

If it isn’t bad enough that we escape the summer weather with as little sun damage as possible. Taking the time to layer on the SPF and using light weight lotions that work with the sticky climate. Then we enter the cold winter months that mock us with it’s drying, moisture zapping, and flaky skin creating climate. Here are 7 skin saving solutions to preserve and even restore beautiful healthy skin during winter.


Moisturize, SPF, Exfoliate: The cold climate can be overly drying to the skin. The face, hands & feet, and entire body need to be kept nicely nourished and moisturized during Winter. Glycolic and hyaluronic acid are two ingredients that help to increase moisture in the skin. Natural products like shea butter and argan oil are very moisturizing to the skin, also! Don’t forget the SPF in your skincare! The sunblock alert seems to fall as the colder months roll in. Continue to use face lotions and body creams with SPF and don’t forget the lips. Face and body exfoliates can help keep skin appear youthful and radiant. Body brushes are a good way to exfoliate while using a moisturizing body cleanser.

Body & Mind

Eating right and using vitamins or supplements as needed or directed by a doctor can help preserve skin and keep it in balance. Vitamin C helps fade dark spots and naturally softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Many vitamins and supplements are full of antioxidants that have been proven to be skin repairing and preserving. Stress causes lines & wrinkles and displays dull & lifeless skin. Find ways to relieve stress like exercising or yoga.

In & On The Body

Get Free Products & Wrap UP: Products that contain parabens and alcohol can often be drying to the skin. Even products with alcohol as an ingredient can be excessively drying to the skin. Protect the skin against winter weather by layering your clothes to keep skin covered and warm and protect hands by wearing gloves. These simple steps that most people do anyway can help save skin from being exposed to the drying weather.

Winter can be damaging enough to skin. While there are many wonderful skincare products that address many concerns. It is much easier to prevent damage to the skin than to try to correct it. Follow these steps to healthier skin this winter!

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