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TravelA Parent’s Business Travel

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Tips for Parents on Telling Your Kids You Have to Travel for Work

Sometimes seeing something through the looking glass will only give you a limited perspective of what is going on. There are many parents who have to travel for work. Some kids tend to dig it because they get to go along. Some find it a downside for the very same reason.

Look at Madonna. When she tours she takes her kids with her wherever she is performing. On the outside, this looks appealing. Her kids may tell you differently. Madonna loves what she does, but she is working. Madonna’s kids may be visiting some of the most exotic locations in the world. On the outside, this may seem appealing to be staying in the best hotels. On the inside, it is a different story. Madonna is a working mom, just like the rest of us.

How many of you are in the same position? Are you traveling for work at a moment’s notice?

You may not have the luxury of taking your kids with you. You may have to leave them behind for a certain period of time. Here are some tips to help you make it less painful for them and you.

Time and Place

Do your kids get overly anxious about this sort of thing? Pick a business trip that will have you away for a short period of time. This way your kids will not be so anxious about it. You should also pick how you tell them. Some kids tend to have greater tempers than others.

Stick to the Routines

This will keep them from feeling so anxious. Give them a routine. This lets them know that nothing has changed. Your kids will find a comfort in this. You should also give out details on your trip. Let them know how you will contact them. Let them know when. This way they will have something to look forward to.

Reminders from the Absent Parent

This is another comfort zone for them. Say the mommy will be gone for a week or so. Leave notes from mommy hanging around the house. This way their presence will still be there.
You can leave the notes before you go. You can have daddy do it for you. It does not matter how it is done, as long as the notes are there.

Do not Make it Tough on the Child

Some parents create long goodbyes. Some do the goodbye through guilt. This is not going to help matters. Kiss and hug your child and tell them something from the heart. Leave after this. Making it harder for the child will only create issues later on down the road.

Do Not Become Obsessive

This is hard for some parents. It will also create frustrations between you and your partner. You have to let go. Check in, but not every 5 seconds. Do not nag them over what they are or are not doing. This is going to make harder for your child to accept your absence. When you are too focus on your child during this time, you are not focused on the job at hand. You need to create a balance.

Always return with love, no matter how tired you are.

Drinking Water Filter Systems Reviews and Recommendations

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This article will be looking at the best features on all of these drinking water filter systems for home that are available. It is important to consider if these water filter systems have been certified before purchasing them. You want to find a water filter system that will give you the finest water possible. The water filter system should be free of all chemicals and should be vigorously tested. All of these water filter systems are available on Amazon.

This water filter system is one of the top selling products that is listed on Amazon. This system was built in the United States and has been tested to be proven that it’s safe. It removes all of the unneeded toxins in your water for the purest water that you can get. This is another very high quality water filter system. The system has also been certified by government companies in the United States.

This water filter system is one that you put on your counter. This water filter system never needs the filters replaced. This system is easy to install and will remove all of the unneeded toxins out of your water. This system can hold 10,000 gallons of water at once.

This is another water filter system that is one of the top selling on Amazon. This water filter system removes all of the unneeded toxins in your water for the cleanest water possible. This product was built in the United States and the company guarantees you a 1 year money-back guarantee if something goes wrong with the system.

This water filter system was made in the United States and has been tested and certified to guarantee the freshest water possible. This water filter system is very high quality and removes all of the unneeded toxins in your water. Their filters last twice as long as others on the market. The government has also tested all of the tools used to distill water to make sure that they are chemical free.

This pure water distiller is made out of all stainless steel. It’s very easy to operate and it’s a very high quality water filter system. This water filter system has an automatic power off function if the temperature of the system reaches over 160 degrees. This water filter system is very small and doesn’t take up much room at all.

Overall, most of these water filter systems are great to consider purchasing. Most of them have been certified by the government to ensure that they are safe and contain no chemicals in the tools that are used to distill the water. It is very important to read all of the features that these water distillersdrinking water filter systems provide on Amazon before you purchase to make sure that are finding something that you will be happy with. All of these water distillersdrinking water filter systems are high quality, but they each have various features that are different from the others.

10 Reasons to Use a Water Filter





Sleep Better With the World’s Most Advanced Line of Sleep Sound Machines

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New Sleep Therapy with Sound + Sleep Machines

If you are suffering from restless sleep, try a new sleep therapy to get a healthier, good night rest that you deserve with a sound sleep machine. Adaptive Sound Technologies, Marpac, and LectroSound are scientific technology companies offering sound and sleep machines that will help sooth you to sleep for a more vibrant, relaxed life.

For example of sound and sleep machines made with high tech audio for quality, natural sounds:

First, for a half of century Marpac has been engineering sound machines using state-of-the-art technology to help people and their pets experience relaxation and sleep. The Marpac Dohm-DS Sound Machine, for instance, provides natural acoustic sound effects with easy accessible volume and tone control. And, helps soothes babies to sleep through the night.

Second, Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) with its headquarter’s in Silicon Valley, Calif., helps people relax and sleep with their high tech engineers and innovative technologies since 2008. ASTI uses quality adaptive audio and ambient noise in their sound and sleep machines to help people like you improve and live a better life. The sound and sleep machine, The Sleep Therapy System by Adaptive Sound Technologies is equipped with disruptive noise for a healthier, steady sleep.

You will be able to listen to the calmness of the ocean with The Sleep Therapy System by Adaptive Sound Technologies, even sounds of rain and thunder. All sounds are unique with different sound profiles so you can achieve the sleep you deserve.

LectroFan makes thier sleep and sound machines personalized for your very own sleeping habits and needs. With LectroFan sound and sleep machines you are in for a complete relaxation experience, and with non-repeating digital sounds without the loop! Don’t forget to take your LectroFan Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner by Marpac, equipped to promote sleep and rest for people like you always on the go. The Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner will fit into your overnight bag.

Furthermore, LectroFan White Noise Machine offers custom settings in case you need to cancel different noise situations. With this sound and sleep machine you will surely find your perfect setting to relax, renew, and sleep. What’s more, the LectroFan sleep therapy machine is equipped with not only 10 options of white noise, but also 10 sounds of fans for sound masking, along with a sleeper timer and various settings for your individualized enjoyment, relaxation and sleep.

With that being said, you definitely deserve a good night sleep with your sleep and sound machine. Research found that sleep deprivation is not good for your health because it slows down your reflexes and thinking skills similar to how alcohol effects people, says the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke (NINDS).

You’ll Want to Keep Soup On the Menu

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soupThere are many good reasons to make soup one of the most common items in your diet. Soup can be an appetizer or the main dish. It can be used as a warm, hearty way to pack on calories, or a great filler when you want to diet and still get nutrients. A soup base can consist of cream, as with chowders and cheese soups, a meat based broth or a juice based broth as with tomatoes and vegetables. Here are some good reasons for keeping soup on the menu.

Some may chalk-it-up to folklore, but chicken soup and other types have long been considered a treatment for the common cold. Even though there is mounting evidence of the medicinal benefit, there is no doubt about soups therapeutic value as well. Soup transfers heat all through the body and helps to loosen up muscles and break up congestion in the lungs. It’s warm, comforting and easy on the stomach. Here’s a Chicken Noodle Soup recipe that’ll work nicely when you’re under the weather.

Great for losing weight

Soups are a nutritious way to keep the calories down. They can provide a mix of foods as recommended on the New USDA Food Pyramid. Because they are liquid based, they can leave you feeling full after one or two bowls. For dieting, broth based soups are the best. Give this Skinny Veggie Soup a try.

An easy dinner item and great for lunch or snacks

Even though it is one of the most common, basic ways of cooking, it’s hard to find a soup recipe that goes back a hundred years or more. That’s because everyone just makes their own! Soup can consist of anything that’s left in the cupboard. When you get comfortable with the spices you’re using, you can flavor any meat, fish or vegetable. You can get an idea to start with from this Hearty Vegetable Bean Soup. For lunch, microwaves are everywhere and they come in very handy when you want to warm up to a nice cup of soup. Whether you make it at home, or get it already prepared from a vendor, soup will always make a satisfying break during the day.

A great food for gatherings any time of year

When you have a gathering that doesn’t quite rise to the occasion of a meal, but you’d rather have something more meaningful than crackers, try a selection of soups. People love them, and you can get a variety of them rather easily. Try Judy’s Gazpacho for a soup that’s sure to be a hit. You can also start several different soups with the basic Chicken Bone Broth. Be creative, and have fun!

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush Hair Styler

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Who doesn’t long for luxurious, thick, just stepped from the salon looking hair? Hair that is healthy, full, and shiny and reflects a radiance that glows from the inside out. I know that I desire hair that looks gorgeous no matter the occasion which is why I find the John Frieda Hot Air Brush an essential tool in my beauty routine.

Feature 1: Advanced Technology

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush is 1.5 inches in diameter for full, round waves and curls. It uses the most up to date, advanced iconic technology in order to produce 50% more ions to help ensure hair not only looks great the whole day but is also more healthy and sustains less damage.

Feature 2: Temperature Settings

The hot air brush has two heat settings plus a cool setting that enables the user to find the perfect temperature for their hair type. The lower setting allows hair to be styled with little heat while the higher temperature ensures even the most difficult hair can look salon done in no time.

Feature 3: Structure and Air Flow

The brush also has a titanium ceramic coated barrel that disperses the heat more evenly for perfect waves and curls every time it is used. In addition, it has enhanced air control that keeps hair from burning or suffering heat damage such as was experienced in previous hair care tools.

Feature 4: Cord

Lastly, the John Frieda Hot Air Brush has a swivel cord that makes using the brush easy not matter what the angle. This allows the user to reach every strand of hair from the front to the back so that hair has a professional quality look to it from every side.


1. Air flow and temperature regulation. The John Frieda Hot Air Brush has two heat settings and one cool setting. This ensures that no matter if hair needs a lot of heat or just a little, it gets what it needs to look salon sleek. The air flow, which is assisted by the enhanced air control system helps to protect hair from heat damage and ensure an evenness to the heat throughout the tool.

2. Advanced ionic technology. This hot air brush has up to 50% more ions than comparable brushes, enabling hair to be styled without suffering the damage usually associated with heat brushes and curling irons. It also helps to control frizz which can be a problem for many people.

3. The barrel of the hot air brush is coated with titanium ceramic which enables heat to be distributed evenly throughout the barrel.


Can sometimes have trouble with very thick, wavy hair when hair is wet. This can be easily remedied, however, but towel drying most of the moisture from the hair and then using the hot air brush on the hair. A dab of John Frieda mousse can help to control any frizz that remains.

The John Frieda Brush is one of the best hot air brush out there to create salon looking hair at home. The hot air brush can style your hair and creat the look you have been dreaming about with minimum damage to hair or problems with overstyling.

Visit these 5 best hot rollers to make your hair curls easily at home.

Top 5 Weight Loss and Diet Apps for iPhone

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Top 5 Weight Loss and Diet Apps for iPhoneFor many, the New Year marks the time to embark on a healthier lifestyle using a combination of diet and exercise. But, most often people are puzzled as to which methods are effective and which ones aren’t worthy. Thanks to SmartPhone technology, it’s now easier than ever to monitor diet and workout goals. Simply use one of more of the following iPhone weight loss apps:

Lose It

This app tracks pounds lost by week. To program it, users first submit answers to a fitness questionnaire. Then the app asks if the goal is either weight loss or muscle or weight gain. The information is stored in a database with the option to share publicly with others or not. Activities are listed and the app provides tips and a daily calorie consumption budget.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Count

The app monitors weight loss by matching fitness activity with number of calories the user wants to burn. Each morning users set their food intake goals and then record what they consume at a given time of the day-breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks including beverages. The meals are then converted into columns containing information about the number of fat, carbohydrates and other pertinent nutrition facts.


As the name implies this app monitors food intake, in order to educate users about their dietary choices. The input method is rather ingenuous in that, a complete record of calories is compiled by scanning barcodes on food packages. This app examines the barcodes for hidden or overlooked ingredients such as excessive sugar, sodium, preservatives, fat or artificial colors.


This is an iPhone app that acts more like an actual fitness coach. Users input the activity they’re engaging in and the type of equipment involved to receive a detailed explanation of how many reps to complete along with additional audio clues. Endomondo is setup to with social media sharing, allowing users to post information about their exercise activities with their friends.

Diet to Go

This is a great content producer for diet plans. Most people are confused about eating food for energy and nutrients. This is the quality solution for that confusion, included are pre-planned food groups which allows users to select their taste preferences with the chosen diet plan. It is a fitness tracker for healthy eating designed to provide “award winning” meal plans to help people lose weight and keep it off permanently.

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