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christmas8 Healthy, Soot Free Candles!

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Candles can create beauty, ambiance, relaxation, and an overall sense of delight. The reason for this review is to explore, evaluate different types of candles, and explore their best features. There are three categories in which these candles fall under. The first is relaxation scented candles: confidence and freedom, verbena, and eucalyptus, unscented flameless, and angle whispers. The second is fruity scented candles: apple harvest and very berry. The third is holiday scented candles: chocolate fudge brownie, spicy pumpkin, fine merlot, and mulled cider.

The apple harvest candle by Legacy is made from all-natural beeswax and has a burn time of about 100 hours. This candle smells exactly like the first bite from a fresh green apple. This candle company has a huge variety of candle scents and the apple harvest is one of the best they offer. It is a great candle for someone that wants to brighten up their home without an over-powering scent.

The chocolate fudge brownie scented candle by Shorties Candle Company has a delicious strong scent. It comes in a lovely tall jar that resembles a cup of coffee. It is made of paraffin wax and the burn time is about 100 hours. This candle burns very clean and leaves the jar tidy. These candles would be great for a day with the ladies cooking in the kitchen and sipping on some wine. This would be an ideal candle for somebody that loves to bake.

The very berry scented candle by Our Own Candle Company is a fun candle that smells like fruity lip balm. It has about 100 hours of burn time and is made of blended soy and paraffin wax. When this candle burns, it creates a combined fruity smell that is fantastic. This is a cute and colorful candle with a layered scent of strawberry, grape, and raspberry. This would be a perfect candle for teenage girls.

The verbena and eucalyptus scented candle by Paddywax come in an old-style elixir bottle. The burn time of this candle is about 60 hours and is created with all natural fragrances. The scent of this candle is very earthy and is strong enough to remove small household odors. This is a lightly scented spa inspired treasure. It would be a great treat for a grandmother or somebody that loves vintage collectibles.

The mulled cider scented candle by Village is made of paraffin wax and has a burn time of about 70 hours. This candle is a beautiful deep red color and smells like freshly made cider. It has a very sturdy jar and the lid puts the flame out immediately and does not let smoke out. It would be ideal for somebody that is a big fan of Christmas.

The confidence and freedom scented candle by Chesapeake Bay is an alluring large candle in a frosted jar. It creates a soft illumination. This candle has a decent burn time of 70 hours. It is made from a natural soy wax blend and essential oils. This candle will make you feel as if you are walking into a spa for a massage. This candle would be ideal for a person who prefers naturalistic products and enjoys light scented candles.

The fine merlot scented candle by Colonial is a fine and sophisticated treat. It has about 95 hours of burn time and is made of proprietary wax blends. This candle creates a fine fragrance that is clean and not overpowering. This would be a great candle when entertaining people who love wine and unique items. This Candle would be ideal for a person who is a wine enthusiast.

The angel whisperers scented candle by Glade has a light and whimsical scent and will not overwhelm your house with strong fragrances. It is a light pink color and has about 28 hours of burn time. This candle burns clean so that the glass jar can be used for a loose votive candle. This would be an ideal candle for someone who likes to change their candle scents frequently.

In closing, this review has covered many different genres of candles. The best overall candle is the confidence and freedom scented candle by Chesapeake Bay. This beautiful candle embodies all the elements in which a fine candle should possess. This candle comes in a beautiful jar, creates soft illumination, has a decent burn time, and the scent is light and inviting. The pick for relaxation candle is the confidence and freedom candle as well. The best pick for a fruity candle is the very berry scented candle because it has three different scents in one candle. The best pick for a holiday candle is the chocolate fudge because it creates a true sense of freshly baked decadent desserts.



Best Dog Leash For Everyday Use Or Training

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If you are one of the many people who are thinking about adopting a dog during the holidays, remember that a quality training leash will make your training rituals a lot easier. Soon, you and your new pet will be walking down the sidewalk and people will be wondering how you found such a well-behaved dog. These are some high-quality leashes to consider for your holiday list:

One of the most difficult aspects of owning a dog is the right training. Why not get some pointers from the experts in Don Sullivan’s Secrets To Train The Perfect Dog DVD Set. This two-disc collection will give you step-by-step instructions on how to curb many common canine behavioral problems. Sullivan shares his many years of professional dog training with you. Having Don Sullivan’s Secrets to Train the Perfect Dog is like having your own personal trainer in your home. You will get easy tips on house training, barking problems, and other issues. This DVD set is a great stocking stuffer for someone who is getting a new puppy for the holidays!

Take a walk with your favorite canine in style with the Lavien Leather Dog Leash. If you have a medium to large-size breed, then this leash will be perfect. You will have 6 feet of 100% leather with a solid metal snap hook that will hold Fido’s collar securely. The Lavien Dog Leash is ideal whether you are leash training your dog or just strolling the park. This leash comes with a free portable bag so you can take it easily wherever you plan on dog walking.

True to its name, the Premier 6ft Leather Dog Training Leash is a premier item for dog hunters and for trainers. It is made a durable leather and has a heavy metal clasp that will not snap away from your dog’s collar. This leash is easy to remove if your want your hunting dogs to run its prey. You will also find that the Premier 6ft Leather Dog Training Leash is perfect for backyard training and for walking in the park.

When you are training a new dog for the first time, the Mendota Products Slip Lead is ideal for you. Many professional dog trainers like the convenience of slip leads because it is a collar and a leash in one. With this item, you can easily train your dog to walk while you discourage unruly behavior. The Mendota Products Slip Lead fits comfortably in your hand and is made to last.

If you have an affinity for black, then you will love the Lavien Dog Leather Leash in Black. This item is 6ft long and gives you plenty of length for training and walking your four-legged buddy. The leash is genuine black leather with a dual-tone gray. leather on the opposing side. The solid metal clip ensures that your dog will be safely at your side. For your convenience, the Lavien Dog Leather Leash comes with a free carrying case for doggy necessities while on the go.

Training leashes not only help with training issues, but they also keep your dog safe while outside. You want the best quality within your budget. With the right training accessories, life truly can be a walk in the park for you and your dog!

Learn how to choose the best dog training leash for everyday use, for different training scenarios and different stages.

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7 Need To Know Curly Techniques

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John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush Hair Styler

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Who doesn’t long for luxurious, thick, just stepped from the salon looking hair? Hair that is healthy, full, and shiny and reflects a radiance that glows from the inside out. I know that I desire hair that looks gorgeous no matter the occasion which is why I find the John Frieda Hot Air Brush an essential tool in my beauty routine.

Feature 1: Advanced Technology

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush is 1.5 inches in diameter for full, round waves and curls. It uses the most up to date, advanced iconic technology in order to produce 50% more ions to help ensure hair not only looks great the whole day but is also more healthy and sustains less damage.

Feature 2: Temperature Settings

The hot air brush has two heat settings plus a cool setting that enables the user to find the perfect temperature for their hair type. The lower setting allows hair to be styled with little heat while the higher temperature ensures even the most difficult hair can look salon done in no time.

Feature 3: Structure and Air Flow

The brush also has a titanium ceramic coated barrel that disperses the heat more evenly for perfect waves and curls every time it is used. In addition, it has enhanced air control that keeps hair from burning or suffering heat damage such as was experienced in previous hair care tools.

Feature 4: Cord

Lastly, the John Frieda Hot Air Brush has a swivel cord that makes using the brush easy not matter what the angle. This allows the user to reach every strand of hair from the front to the back so that hair has a professional quality look to it from every side.


1. Air flow and temperature regulation. The John Frieda Hot Air Brush has two heat settings and one cool setting. This ensures that no matter if hair needs a lot of heat or just a little, it gets what it needs to look salon sleek. The air flow, which is assisted by the enhanced air control system helps to protect hair from heat damage and ensure an evenness to the heat throughout the tool.

2. Advanced ionic technology. This hot air brush has up to 50% more ions than comparable brushes, enabling hair to be styled without suffering the damage usually associated with heat brushes and curling irons. It also helps to control frizz which can be a problem for many people.

3. The barrel of the hot air brush is coated with titanium ceramic which enables heat to be distributed evenly throughout the barrel.


Can sometimes have trouble with very thick, wavy hair when hair is wet. This can be easily remedied, however, but towel drying most of the moisture from the hair and then using the hot air brush on the hair. A dab of John Frieda mousse can help to control any frizz that remains.

The John Frieda Brush is one of the best hot air brush out there to create salon looking hair at home. The hot air brush can style your hair and creat the look you have been dreaming about with minimum damage to hair or problems with overstyling.

braidFive Beautiful Bridal Braids to Rock on Your Wedding Day

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braidBraid-Wrapped High Bun

This perfect princess braided hairstyle is quite easy to attain. Start by pulling-up the hair to create a high ponytail. On both sides of the pony tail, fashion two front sections and use an elastic band to secure the pony. Use a backcomb to build some texture and body on the pony tail. Next, fashion a bun by wrapping the hair around the base of the band and secure it using a bobby pin. Braid the left out sections and warp them around the previous bun using a bobby pin.

Half-Up Crown Braid

This capricious looking hairstyle is created by dividing the hair into two equal halves. Bring out the upper section of the hair down into the two divides. Style a braid on both sections and use a plain colored elastic band to secure the pieces. Wrap-up the braids on the opposite side of the hair; from the upper side of the head. Hold the braids in place using a couple of bobby pins and add some dainty flowers for a tantalizing finish.

Waterfall-Braided Style

This hairstyle is both elegant and playful. The braids are made by partitioning the hair into two. Next, create two small sections on one side of the hair, beginning at the top of the head. Push the hair away from the face and cross one section of the hair into the other side. Allow a new top section of the hair to fall over the section you had earlier hauled. Repeat this procedure until the braids finishes close to the ears. Use a hair tie to fasten the braids and top it off with a flower.

Braided Chignon

Braided chignon or interwoven bun is an elegant hair style that is simple but sophisticated. The style is essentially a bun that features a twisted braid. To create this hairstyle, construct a French braid on one side of your head, beginning from the bangs. Bring the styling down and end it behind the ear on one side. Use a plain elastic to secure the braids and hold it behind the ear using a bobby pin. Complete the styling by creating a low bun at the back of the neck.

Fishtail Tress

This romantic hairstyle can be achieved by simply adding a twist to the old-fashioned braid. Fishtail hairstyle should ideally be worn straight down the back of the head. To achieve this style, you can braid the hair on one side of the shoulder or cut it into two halves; one half down and the other on top.

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Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener For Professional Salon Styling

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The Professional Flat Iron by Jolie Amour straightens curls, flips and waves hair into polished and shiny styles while eliminating frizz and causing no damage or dryness.

The HSI Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is a tool with a swivel cord for ease of handling as well as temperature controls designed to produce a shiny silky finish to dull and frizzy hair whether you want to achieve straight or curly styles.

The XTAVA Professional Flat Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic Plates is a tool designed with the health of hair in mind with features that seal in moisture, prevent damage to hair follicles and protect hair color. Its swivel cord that extends 9 feet and LED temperature control display make it easy to manage and operate as well.

Bebella’s Premium Pro Professional 1.25″ Onyx Plate Hair Straightener Flat Iron features a temperature control knob that heats up in a speedy thirty seconds or less. It can straighten, curl or wave hair, it protects and smoothes hair, all while giving body volume and shine to whatever style you want to achieve.

BERTA’s Professional Static Free Ceramic Straightener features 30 second heat up to a maximum 446F, so it gets hot quickly and has automatic shut off for safety. It’s memory feature can store the ideal temperature settings for your hair type, making it easier to achieve the desired result each time you use it.

Get more tips for healthy hair and learn about straightening treatments, shampoos, conditioners, foods for hair health, and more.

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Top 5 Weight Loss and Diet Apps for iPhone

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Top 5 Weight Loss and Diet Apps for iPhoneFor many, the New Year marks the time to embark on a healthier lifestyle using a combination of diet and exercise. But, most often people are puzzled as to which methods are effective and which ones aren’t worthy. Thanks to SmartPhone technology, it’s now easier than ever to monitor diet and workout goals. Simply use one of more of the following iPhone weight loss apps:

Lose It

This app tracks pounds lost by week. To program it, users first submit answers to a fitness questionnaire. Then the app asks if the goal is either weight loss or muscle or weight gain. The information is stored in a database with the option to share publicly with others or not. Activities are listed and the app provides tips and a daily calorie consumption budget.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Count

The app monitors weight loss by matching fitness activity with number of calories the user wants to burn. Each morning users set their food intake goals and then record what they consume at a given time of the day-breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks including beverages. The meals are then converted into columns containing information about the number of fat, carbohydrates and other pertinent nutrition facts.


As the name implies this app monitors food intake, in order to educate users about their dietary choices. The input method is rather ingenuous in that, a complete record of calories is compiled by scanning barcodes on food packages. This app examines the barcodes for hidden or overlooked ingredients such as excessive sugar, sodium, preservatives, fat or artificial colors.


This is an iPhone app that acts more like an actual fitness coach. Users input the activity they’re engaging in and the type of equipment involved to receive a detailed explanation of how many reps to complete along with additional audio clues. Endomondo is setup to with social media sharing, allowing users to post information about their exercise activities with their friends.

Diet to Go

This is a great content producer for diet plans. Most people are confused about eating food for energy and nutrients. This is the quality solution for that confusion, included are pre-planned food groups which allows users to select their taste preferences with the chosen diet plan. It is a fitness tracker for healthy eating designed to provide “award winning” meal plans to help people lose weight and keep it off permanently.

How to Deep-Clean Your Carpet for Home Health

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Carpet for Home Health Obviously, the best way to clean carpet is to let someone else do it. However, a simple way to clean carpet that works and cost very little is to clean your carpet in layers.

How Dirt Accumulates In Your Carpet

Your carpet is made of twisted fibers or of fibers pushed into a fiber grill. The fibers at the top catch dust from the house that drops to the middle of the fibers and eventually settles into the base of the fibers and into the top of the grill that holds your carpets fibers. Beneath your carpets grill there is the padding that supports your carpet.

What Needs To Be Cleaned In Your Carpet

If you have pets in the house, your carpet can also get stained from your pets household accidents. Cleaning your carpet requires some basic understanding of the type of stains, their location and removing them without harming the fibers of your carpet. If you begin with a plan of removing dirt and stains in layers, you will have a better chance at getting a cleaner and unharmed carpet.

Step by Step Carpet Cleaning

The first step is to vacuum your carpet while totally dry. You should vacuum considerably longer than if you were doing your daily vacuuming. Allow the dust in the room that has become unsettled by the vacuuming to settle and vacuum again. Take a wet mop that has been saturated in a cleaning detergent and go over the carpet immediately afterwards. Rinse your mop and continue to mop your carpet and to rinse your mop. You will notice that your rinse water looks muddy. That is soil that you are removing from the middle of your carpet. Don’t overwork your carpet with the mop. If you notice a stain, spray it with a stain remover that can be a combination of white vinegar and water worked in with a soft cleaning cloth. You may not be able to get out all of the stains if your carpet is heavily soiled. Don’t try too hard as your efforts might harm your carpet.

Remember Not To Damage Your Carpet

In cleaning your carpet, the intent is to get it as clean as possible without damaging the fibers and requiring a new carpet. Your cleaning process can be repeated once you have finished whenever you like. When you have done wet mopping your carpet, let it dry completely. That is very important. You should not step on your newly cleansed carpet until it has dried thoroughly. Once your carpet is dry, vacuum again to get your carpets fibers looking clean as new.

Maternity Body Pillows Can Help You Sleep Well During Pregnancy

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Maternity Body PillowsWhen a woman is pregnant her body is working harder than ever. Every organ is doing twice the duty and she needs to rest well for this to happen. She needs rest and that rest needs to be the best that she can get so that her body can create new life. However, sometime in the second trimester sleeping in her normal position gets more and more difficult if not practically impossible. Those that sleep on their backs or stomachs are the most bothered by this but even sleeping on your side can be tough. The right body pillow can help greatly and will be one of the best investments made to relieve some of the discomfort of pregnancy.

1. Every pregnancy is different, even in the same mother. Take note of the problems or needs for your pregnancy and make that the focus when shopping. How the fetus is being carried in the uterus can make a difference in how a woman sleeps, sits and gets comfortable. Reflux and pregnancy rhinitis are issues to consider when looking for a pillow that will assist a good nights’ sleep.

2. Each pillow is shaped like a different letter, “O,” “U,” “C” and lowercase “l” in order to provide relief to different areas of the body. They also fit your body differently to provide support for the specific areas you may be having pain in. Some women need more back support for and others may need their head positioned a certain way to prevent reflux.

3. Always consult a doctor before making an adjustment that may affect the baby. Certain positions can harm the mother or the child and you will want to be aware of anything you may need to watch for. In particular is the issue of an artery that the fetus can rest on and harm the mother.

4. Be aware of the return policy for each pillow. It may look like it will invite sleep but very well could make you more uncomfortable than when you started. One of the worst things that you can do when pregnant is not get adequate rest, there is more than one person affected!

Take your time and choose a pregnancy pillow carefully. Don’t settle for the first one you see and if doesn’t target the problems that you are having, keep in mind that there are several types out there. One of them is bound to be the right fit for a great night of rest.

What Are the Causes of Extremely Oily Skin

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Oily Skin There is nothing more bothersome then oily skin. Oily skin can lead to blackheads and acne. Clear skin is an attractive and desirable quality. No one wants to look at a red blotchy face covered in grotesque pimples. If you are struggling with acne it is important to understand the underlying causes of oil production in your skin. Eliminating factors that lead to oily skin can help you get that clean clear skin that helps show off all of your great features.

Have you ever wondered why your skin gets oily? It would be easy to solve the issue if there was just one factor that you could change. There is not just one reason particular reason for oily skin. There are several factors that can contribute to this. The first thing to consider is your skin type. Your skin type can be genetic. Although this is something that you cannot change you can make sure that reduce the other factors that could be causing the oiliness of your skin.

Your hormones play a key factor in oil production. Elevated stress can also cause your skin to be oilier. When you are stressed out your body produces more androgen. To reduce stress you should make sure that you are getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress.

You should also minimize your sugar intake. Sugar can cause more breakouts. If you are heavily indulging in sodas and sugary snacks you are just aggravating your acne prone skin even worse and causing more breakouts. Make sure that you drink plenty of water daily. Water is great for your skin.

Trying to control the texture and moisture of your skin can also cause even more damage. The overuse of products could mess with the natural order of your skin. You should not wash your face more than twice daily. You should try different makeups to see which one works best for your skin. Heavily oil based makeups should not be used on oily skin. You should also remove your make up every night before you go to bed.

Seasonal changes also play a key factor in the texture and moisture production of your skin. When the seasons change so does the air. The changes in the air affect your face. You can protect your skin with the coordinating product for the season. Use sun block during the summer. Although tanning may seem to reduce oil, the reduction is short lived. Tanning can majorly damage your skin.