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Bedding Guide – Goose Down Alternative Comforter

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There are several types of Goose Down Comforters and Goose Down Alternative Comforters available in the market today but high quality ones are very few. What makes it difficult to identify good goose down comforters is that all of them look very great at first.

The real quality comes out after a few weeks of usage. Some tested and trusted goose down comforters and goose down alternative comforters have been listed below. You can go for any of them.

Eddie Bauer Striped Damask

As fluffy as it is, it is very light. It contains 700 fill power and it is hypoallergenic. It is made of 350 thread count damask cotton. It is tough and durable. Being light makes it suitable for kids too. It is quite unfortunate that this duvet comes in just white color which makes it a little hard to maintain. It would have been better if it has other colors at least for kids.

Snowman White Goose Down Comforter

It is 100 percent cotton and it is hypoallergenic. The down cluster indicates that it will be puffy for a long time. As puffy as it is, it is also light. To enjoy it, there are a few precautions you must take. It is not machine- washable, it should not be bleached and it should not be ironed. When it is damp you can dry it in the air.

Queen Size Down-Comforter

Its 500 thread count 100% cotton makes it soft, comforting and luxurious. It provides medium warmth all through the year. It is 90 by 90 inch in size and it has been filled with 750+ fill power. It is suitable for everybody since it is allergy free. It is designed to minimize the risk of allergic reaction. You can only dry clean it. According to the reviews, it has a little downside. After using for a while, small feathers will begin to stick out from it. Aside that shortcoming, it is a great product.

Egyptian Bedding Luxurious Siberian Goose Down Comforter

It provides medium warmth all through the year and it is filled with 750+ fill power. Like the others above, it is allergy free and it is hypoallergenic. It is 90 by 90 inches in size. It is made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton. The only problem with this down comforter is that it sheds a lot of feathers.

Equinox Dream Tek

It is made of 100 percent cambric cotton. Having a size of 106 by 94 inches makes it king size. It is filled with hypoallergenic 600+ fill power. It is both machine-washable and dryable. This makes it easy to maintain. It is also very durable. It is great for both hot and cold sleepers. When the night is warm you can use it and if the night becomes very cold you can double it. Considering its size, it will still cover you. As wide as it is, it is still a little too narrow for a king size bed, although the length is okay.

Topsleepy Luxurious All Size Bedding Goose Down

It is made of 100 percent cotton satin fabric. It is allergy free and hypoallergenic but the most fascinating feature of this duvet is its permeability. It absorbs sweat from the skin and brings it to the outer surface where it will dry off. It is machine-washable. It is also worthy of mention that this product comes with a 15-year warranty!!! Can you beat that? But it has a little downside. It is very good when the weather is very cold, otherwise it will make you sweat.

Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter

It is made of both 100 percent cotton shell and 100 percent polyester fill. It is hypoallergenic, machine-washable and dryable. It measures 108 by 96 inches in size. It is very light so aged users won’t struggle with it. It has a little downside. It is only fantastic when the night is very cold. But it becomes a little hot when the night is warm.

All Season Down Alternative Comforter

It is made from microfiber and it is 88 by 90 inches in size. It is filled with hypoallergenic materials. It is machine-washable. Even though it is said to be washable but the seams will begin to rip off and some of the fluff will begin to come out after the first wash.

Linenspa White Goose Down Alternative Comforter

It is made of ultra-soft hypoallergenic microfiber. It is also allergy free and hypoallergenic

Royal Hotel’s King Size Goose Down Alternative Comforter

This duvet provides medium warmth all through the year. It is 106 by 90 inches in size and filled with 750+ fill power. It is allergy free, hypoallergenic and machine-washable. As thick as it is, some users feel that it is a little too thin.

In conclusion all the Goose down comforters and Goose down alternative comforters are the best in the market today. Even though each of them has its downside, their pros far outnumber their cons. They are all good buys.



Sleep Better With the World’s Most Advanced Line of Sleep Sound Machines

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New Sleep Therapy with Sound + Sleep Machines

If you are suffering from restless sleep, try a new sleep therapy to get a healthier, good night rest that you deserve with a sound sleep machine. Adaptive Sound Technologies, Marpac, and LectroSound are scientific technology companies offering sound and sleep machines that will help sooth you to sleep for a more vibrant, relaxed life.

For example of sound and sleep machines made with high tech audio for quality, natural sounds:

First, for a half of century Marpac has been engineering sound machines using state-of-the-art technology to help people and their pets experience relaxation and sleep. The Marpac Dohm-DS Sound Machine, for instance, provides natural acoustic sound effects with easy accessible volume and tone control. And, helps soothes babies to sleep through the night.

Second, Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI) with its headquarter’s in Silicon Valley, Calif., helps people relax and sleep with their high tech engineers and innovative technologies since 2008. ASTI uses quality adaptive audio and ambient noise in their sound and sleep machines to help people like you improve and live a better life. The sound and sleep machine, The Sleep Therapy System by Adaptive Sound Technologies is equipped with disruptive noise for a healthier, steady sleep.

You will be able to listen to the calmness of the ocean with The Sleep Therapy System by Adaptive Sound Technologies, even sounds of rain and thunder. All sounds are unique with different sound profiles so you can achieve the sleep you deserve.

LectroFan makes thier sleep and sound machines personalized for your very own sleeping habits and needs. With LectroFan sound and sleep machines you are in for a complete relaxation experience, and with non-repeating digital sounds without the loop! Don’t forget to take your LectroFan Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner by Marpac, equipped to promote sleep and rest for people like you always on the go. The Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner will fit into your overnight bag.

Furthermore, LectroFan White Noise Machine offers custom settings in case you need to cancel different noise situations. With this sound and sleep machine you will surely find your perfect setting to relax, renew, and sleep. What’s more, the LectroFan sleep therapy machine is equipped with not only 10 options of white noise, but also 10 sounds of fans for sound masking, along with a sleeper timer and various settings for your individualized enjoyment, relaxation and sleep.

With that being said, you definitely deserve a good night sleep with your sleep and sound machine. Research found that sleep deprivation is not good for your health because it slows down your reflexes and thinking skills similar to how alcohol effects people, says the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stroke (NINDS).

Maternity Body Pillows Can Help You Sleep Well During Pregnancy

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Maternity Body PillowsWhen a woman is pregnant her body is working harder than ever. Every organ is doing twice the duty and she needs to rest well for this to happen. She needs rest and that rest needs to be the best that she can get so that her body can create new life. However, sometime in the second trimester sleeping in her normal position gets more and more difficult if not practically impossible. Those that sleep on their backs or stomachs are the most bothered by this but even sleeping on your side can be tough. The right body pillow can help greatly and will be one of the best investments made to relieve some of the discomfort of pregnancy.

1. Every pregnancy is different, even in the same mother. Take note of the problems or needs for your pregnancy and make that the focus when shopping. How the fetus is being carried in the uterus can make a difference in how a woman sleeps, sits and gets comfortable. Reflux and pregnancy rhinitis are issues to consider when looking for a pillow that will assist a good nights’ sleep.

2. Each pillow is shaped like a different letter, “O,” “U,” “C” and lowercase “l” in order to provide relief to different areas of the body. They also fit your body differently to provide support for the specific areas you may be having pain in. Some women need more back support for and others may need their head positioned a certain way to prevent reflux.

3. Always consult a doctor before making an adjustment that may affect the baby. Certain positions can harm the mother or the child and you will want to be aware of anything you may need to watch for. In particular is the issue of an artery that the fetus can rest on and harm the mother.

4. Be aware of the return policy for each pillow. It may look like it will invite sleep but very well could make you more uncomfortable than when you started. One of the worst things that you can do when pregnant is not get adequate rest, there is more than one person affected!

Take your time and choose a pregnancy pillow carefully. Don’t settle for the first one you see and if doesn’t target the problems that you are having, keep in mind that there are several types out there. One of them is bound to be the right fit for a great night of rest.

Your Guide to Buying the Best Waterproof Mattress Protector – Sleep in the Modern Family

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Waterproof Mattress ProtectorThe modern mattress is what makes modern sleep possible. It’s soft so that the body fits into it yet supportive to maintain posture while in a completely rested state. The only fly in the ointment is that the mattress could be a resting place for allergic substances and for mites or other tiny creatures that escape from your resting body or fall to the mattress from other sources.

Introduction to Modern Sleep Technology

Dust mites are an example. Dust mites may land on the mattress with hairy dust pet dander floating in the air. They are tiny ugly creatures related to spiders. They have so little weight that they can float on household breezes and land helter-skelter. Dust mites love the warmth of mattresses and feed on discarded skin cells. The excretions from dust mites cause allergic reactions in many people. People may react by night time itching, or respiratory congestion, sneezing or coughing.

The idea then is to find a product to sleep on that would protect the sleeper from the mattress. It should be a product that would not itself be a source of allergens. This product is the waterproof mattress protector. Waterproof mattress protectors provide a layer between the sleeper and the mattress through which no mite-born allergens or other irritants can pass. Yet it should be a cover that provides comfort and encourages healthy sleep. Several mattress protector products follow.

The Luna Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector and The Sleep Tite Malouf Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector afford a basic layer of protection. They are designed in a fitted sheet style which leaves the bottom of the mattress exposed. Although the fitted sheet design does not completely isolate the mattress, a lot of people like it because of ease of washing. Airflow technology allows air to pass through the fabric to the mattress but repels liquids. The cotton surface is a hyper-allergenic terry cloth that is soft and naturally absorbs moisture.

The SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector – Vinyl, PVC and Phthalate Free and the LinenSpa Premium Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector add a membrane under the upper terry cloth layer to further insulate the sleeper from the mattress. They also use a fitted sheet design.

The Sleep Tite by Malouf Encase Mattress Protector with Six-Sided Zipper Encasement fully isolates the mattress by enclosing both top and bottom using a six zipper closure design. The panel can be removed for easy laundering. This protector would prevent bed-bugs from nesting in the mattress.

Mattress protectors are designed to isolate the sleeper from the mattress without reducing the comfort and posture supporting qualities of the mattress. Protection products vary as to the kind and level of protection provided.

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