imagesTop Neck Traction Devices for Home Use

imagesNeck pain is a serious matter, sometimes life changing; whether, the result of an injury or an on going chronic problem, neck pain cannot be ignored. There are many treatment options, and therapies available through a wide variety of practitioners. It is hard to know where to turn, many therapies are costly, often involving surgery and/or drugs. These options are can be scary, and often times they have side effects which may lead to other health challenges. One non-evasive, affordable therapy is to use a neck traction device. These tractions devices are air bladder collars worn around the neck. They are suprisingly comfortable, easy to use and provide pressure relief and muscle relaxation. Below are five of the best neck traction devices worth considering.

ChiSoft:ChiSoft has made a number of upgrades to it already high quality traction device; with upgraded velcro straps and air pumps, all designed to make the device more comfortable. The air bladders don’t leak. It is documented to relieve neck pain and endorsed by chiropractors and physical therapists.

Bonsai:This high end traction devices, provides exceptional support and comfort. The tubes are wrapped with soft flannel. The three tubes, and strong air pump allow for fine air pressure adjustments which hold it pressure without leakage.

TacCollar By BODYSPORT:The TracCollar is a high end tractions device. It consists of two separate air pumps, providing great versatility, and the ability to make fine adjustments to specific areas of the neck. Its unique strap system provide even greater flexibility for adjustments; making it a very comfortable traction device, which relieves pain and improves posture.

Goda:This is the most affordable device. It is comfortable, made from high quality material, and easy to use. If cost is an important factor, the Goda provides pain relief at an affordable price.

Universal Direct:This mid priced traction device, is a three tube collar, providing great comfort and support. Great for travel, as it compacts down to the size of a pair of socks when deflated. It is made from high quality material, and comes with money back guarantee.

These five neck traction devices offer a wide option in both function and pricing. All the devices are inflatable collars which are comfortable and easy to transport. They extend the neck vertebrae, which relieves pressure, and provide support allowing for muscle relaxation. Most importantly these devices are effective at providing neck pain relief.

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